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Deborah managed just over $2M for the sale of our triplex apartments and the purchase of a condominium and qualify for a 1031 Exchange. Many transactions are reported as smooth without any issue or major problems . Well, ours was a real challenge and we strongly believe we would not have been successful without the guidance we received from Deborah.
It is difficult to summarize everything she did to guide us. From the begging Deborah gave us a list of people who would be involved and people we had to contact before that would guide us in the 1031 Exchange. We were successful using all of the contacts she gave us. From the time she put our triplex for sale we called and/or text Deborah and her support team almost daily including evenings and weekends. I’m sure we asked many of the same questions several times and her team members were always super supportive and positive.
If we ever decide to sell or purchase again we will only call on Deborah to work with. She was very dependable and she was a very hard worker for us. We’re sure Deborah had all of the responsibilities a person has when they have their own real estate business but she made us feel special and we felt she gave us 100% of her attention.
So we want to thank Deborah and the people on her team for their hard work that made our sale and purchase so successful.


Content by Deborah Vance, Radiant Realty Imperial Beach Realtor

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